Card Info

What’s this card about?

PASS cards are accredited under the PASS Scheme, which is approved by the Home Office, and the Age Entitlement Card meets the very latest specification for cards that can be issued under the scheme. The card itself has also been designed to sit comfortably alongside the UK Passport and UK Driving Licence, the only other two nationally accepted and approved forms of proof of age in the United Kingdom.  As an informal identity card, it has a number of security features in addition to the all important PASS Hologram which includes integrated multiple photo imagery  and UV data.

As the latest member of the PASS family, the card is recognised by the Association of Chief Police Officers, Trading Standards, the Security Industry Authority and the British Retail Consortium which means that your card should accepted at pubs, clubs, bars and shops around the UK. The PASS Hologram is evidence of the high standards of identity verification and validation that are applied during card processing and production.

Although the presence of the PASS Hologram should be enough in itself, exclusive to the Age Entitlement Card is the provision of a facility to ‘spot check’ the identity of cardholder using a QR code. This has been designed both as a security feature and to give complete peace of mind to those people whose responsibility it is to ensure that age related goods and services are only provided to individuals that are entitled to them.  The name of card speaks for itself. It simply does what it says leaving you to feel confident when presenting it, and those seeing and accepting it to feel confident that they have done their job.

The PASS scheme is approved by the Home Office, supported by the Association of Chief Police Officers, endorsed by the Security Industry Authority and audited by the Trading Standards Institute